Fifth International: 22

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Issue 22 of Fifth International Journal.


  • The Four Crises
    Climate, Pandemic, Economy and War
  • All That Xi Wants
    China’s President Charts New Course
  • Afghanistan’s Agony
    Western Sanctions Trigger Economic Collapse
  • Civil War in Ethiopia
    Rival Elites Battle For Control
  • Healthcare and/or Highways
    Biden Offers ‘Build Back Better’ à la Carte
  • Reaction and Resistance in Brazil
    A Programme of Working Class Action
  • Black Reparations
    A Socialist Contribution To The Debate
  • Dirty Talk
    DSA Clings to Democrats
  • The Chinese Communist Party at 100
    Contesting the Centenary
  • 32 Counties by Kieran Allen
    A Review

Imprint: League for the Fifth International
Published: 01/12/2021
ISSN:  1742-2221
Length: 76 Pages
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