Fifth International: 20

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Issue 20 of Fifth International, the theoretical journal of the League for the Fifth International.


  • Police Abolition: A Transitional Approach
    KD Tait considers what attitude revolutionaries should take to calls to defund and abolish the police.
  • Latin America: A Continent in Crisis
    Markus Lehner analyses the roots of renewed regional instability, including the impact of populism, geopolitical crises and coronavirus.
  • Environmental Imperialism
    This article explores the fundamental contradictions between sustainability and capitalist production in the imperialist epoch.
  • The Split in the CWI: A Trotskyist Analysis
    Martin Suchanek locates the roots of the CWI's crisis in the revisions of the Marxist method pioneered by the Militant/Grant tradition.
  • The Oppression of Trans People
    A resolution of the League's International Executive setting out a materialist analysis of the social oppression trans people are subject to.

Imprint: League for the Fifth International
Published: 01/07/2020
ISSN: 1742-2221
Length: 161 Pages
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